Changes~ Week One

I am loving the Master Key Master Mind Alliance! I am definitely feeling different and starting to see things from a different view! Others are seeing a difference too, but not understanding them. We are only 3 days into the 6 month commitment, but today I have a funny story of someone noticing a change but not knowing what it is,.. I was talking to a family friend (in person) and he’s big in the Catholic Church!
45 minutes later I get a phone call from a lady who only calls you strictly about business!
VB: Hi, RaNae,. ARE YOU OKAY?!
Me:Yes, I’m Great, How are you?
VB: Ok, You just flipped Hogan out! He said you were talking to him, you held his hand and said, “I Don’t want to be HERE, anymore!.. I have to go!” And then you left,.. He was thinking you were going to jump off a bridge or something!
Me: WHATT?!! Nooo that’s not what I meant at all!
VB: ok, next time explain more!
(I was talking serious tho,.) lol

I am very excited for this new journey!


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