How to Eat a Elephant -Week 3

How do you eat a elephant? Same as you eat at anything, one bite at a time. Funny how in the beginning videos, your conscious was described as the elephant and your subconscious is a ant. The ant can’t make the elephant go anywhere the elephant does not want to go. It is amazing to think that something so small can make a big impact. This week, we took out the small word, will. To change a thought from I will do something, to, I do said task. Powerful! Anyone who has achieved greatness was not a super human. No one put on earth has sprouted wings. However some learned how to fly.  Success leaves clues. We are blessed beyond measure, that we are part of this special alliance to help put the clues and the pieces together,.. together. So many people have achieved greatness and shouted it from the mountain tops. Excitingly they have proclaimed how they accomplished such difficult feats. Yet their words have fallen on deaf ears. But why? Because the masses didn’t believe them? No! They know it was accomplished, yet something inside of them has made them believe they weren’t lucky, smart or whatever self doubt they had inside of them. Every single person goes through life trying to find someone who makes them feel special. We are all special. We all have our own special gift placed inside of us, it’s just sometimes very difficult to find and unwrap it and then show someone else. There is great pain, fear and strength in being vulnerable enough to try and show it to the world let alone another person.


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