Week 7~ Infinite in belief

It’s always impossible, until its been done! If you hold a vision in your mind, it will manifest. You do not know how the how will show up. Don’t get stuck on the how, or the dot! Don’t get stuck on the method. Hold the vision, the goal. Quit trying to figure it out before you get there. We are chipping away at the cement buddha!

Your setting a goal to raise your level of conscious awareness. And when you do, you enjoy everything you do more. It is a way to live!

If you want to change the world, the best way is to change yourself. We as humans have a infinite ripple effect. You may only reach 4 people this week, those 4 may reach 7, who reach 10. There is no end to your effect. You just have to be willing to start with self and the rest will be amazing!


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