Week 8~ I will greet this day with Love

Well the crazy unexplainable keeps on happening. This past week I have felt partially like a refuge. The sick and broken have been coming to me. That is a beautiful thing. And then as I stepped back and look, I realized how much love has been the healer. Absolutely amazing. Men usually are the strongest however they have needed me the most this past week. From one fighting a cold, I made him take vitamins at different times, coconut water and Ginger juice. He thanked me with Gratitude. To another went to go leave and I said, “Umm wait, come back!” And gave him a Hug I felt he needed. I was again greeted with Gratitude. And 2 more that needed a ear, a sense of caring. This isn’t anything different than would I normally would do. I am Italian and am a Big hugger anyways, but the gratitude coming back in like a Boomerang has been sooo sweet.

Cant wait for another week! Love to you all who eyes set upon this! XOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXO


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