Week 9- Less TV

Mark talked about his mentor telling him in the beginning that if he really wanted to be successful then cut the cords to all your TV’s.

This is a easy task for me, as I have never been big on TV. As a kid we were always outside playing. Growing up my father never paid for cable. He was always working out in the yard or in the garage, restoring cars and motorcycles. I have a different creativity knack. I love redoing houses. I bought my first house 10 years ago. Before that I always was helping my dad flip houses. I bought my first house and gutted it. I learned how to do roofing, ceramic tiles and more.

I’m definitely getting the itch to do another house.

Last year, I turned my home into my first rental property,. so that I could further work on traveling more and achieving my dreams.

There is way to many exciting things to do than to sit and watch TV. Oh the things people could accomplish if they would disconnect themselves from the TV and connect with themselves instead.


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