Its a crazy thing, when you go after your dreams people are very mean and hateful towards you. You have to have a shield around your mind, it is not a easy thing to do. And then all of a sudden its like Magic happens,. things start to happen for you and then it get easier / your shield gets lighter to carry. Its really like a battle. The thing that gets people through this battle,.. is the thought that if they stop trecking up that mountain,. the people you want to inspire won’t believe they can do it,. and the mean people down at the bottom of the mountain are waiting to make you feel a million times worse. So you trek on and it just makes you stronger!

Carry on Soldier! There are a lot of people (some you havent even met yet) that are looking for you to climb that/your mountain!



4 thoughts on “WEEK 18~CLIMB YOUR MOUNTAIN

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