Week 22~New awarenesses

The other day I went to the lake. The lake I went to my whole life. It’s in the city my father has owned a home almost my entire life.

I went to sit on a bench to do “my sit”!

I knew where and what benches I was going to try to sit, they are both located on 2 separate docks! When got over the hill and had view of the docks I noticed both had people  sitting on them. Little disappointed I looked around and all of a sudden I noticed a bench on top of the hill that I had NEVER seen or noticed before. It was also closest to the woods and no one was around this bench. Of course this is where I was going to sit.

When I got to the bench, the most beautiful message/gift was shown to me. On the backrest of the bench it was engraved, “I HAVE FINISHED THE RACE! NOW THE CROWN!!”

It made my heart smile! I had a great sit!


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