Daymond John MAIC15Daymond John sits down with RaNae Envy and finds out, what was the life changing events that catapult her to where she knew she was always destined to go.

“How are you doing this evening?’

“I am doing Fabulous!”

Daymond John, “Ok, Im just going to go straight into this, the questions that are weighing on my viewers minds. So I hope you don’t mind?!”

“No, not at all!”

“You were recently married,.. How did you two meet? And how did you know it was a partnership?”

“Well,.. I met my husband, right before all the crazy stuff started to happen! (Laughs) Don’t get me wrong, crazy stuff still happening, but on a level of this is laughable how this is happening, to Wow, if I really put my mind into use the magnitude of a difference is happening! Me and my husband, had ‘really’ never met. Our convo’s were going really well and then, BAM all of a sudden we had drifted apart.  I couldn’t stop feeling like everything I did on my own was like looking into a crowd and finally seeing your parents in the crowd and seeing them clap. They saw everything and was clapping the whole time. They couldn’t go on stage with me! I had to do it all on my own! I would not have grown if it was any other way!”

“We always hear how hard it is for single independent woman that they have more struggles than men who go into any arena, wether it be business or any other career! How were you able to rise above that challenge?”

“Well Daymond I will tell you, it wasn’t easy! Like I told you, I worked in the steel mills an worked like a man. It was dirty, it was hard! And the more they threw dirt on me. The harder it was. It motivated me, but more importantly,..I realized,.. that no matter what, something more beautiful than my current situation was coming. And something they didn’t realize,.. the more they threw dirt on me, the more they didnt realize, .. I WAS A SEED! Go ahead and cover me. I AM going to bloom irregardless!!””That has really carried you into the multiple avenues of business you dominate! On behalf of Shark Tank, we just want to wish you continued success on your multiple ventures, and many blessings! Thank You!” ~Daymond Joh


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