Week 15- Shooting toward the Stars


You have a goal! You know what you want and where you are going. A lot of people get very frustrated with what seems like a setback. A setback or even a series of setbacks is not in place for you to feel defeated and to retreat. Beautiful beginnings are sometimes disguised as painful endings. Everything is perspective.

Imagine you are an arrow. About to aim and take off for the stars.

What you may not have thought of, is that to shoot an arrow you have to pull it all the way back. All the pressure, all the stress, all the tension has to be placed on that arrow. It can feel overwhelming.

But you are actually in position to be catapulted towards your goal.

So when things start to feel like a setback, keep your focus on your star. Stay focused on the goal that you have aimed for. And get ready to CATAPULT!!!



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