Week 24~ Almost there

This has been an experience like no other. It has opened me up to many more techniques for changes. I still feel overwhelmed little bit and am definitely looking forward to being a lifetime member and going back through the experience and the replays again! I feel like I need to start it all over, but NOW with a knowledge of what is being thrown at me and hearing the info again will deeper sink in and will be renewed into what I may have missed previously! They say people need to hear something 7 different times, 7 different ways from 7 different people! Every time you watch a movie again you notice something you previously did not see. This experience has our eyes, ears and most importantly mind open. Everyone should be fortunate enough to go through this program.

Like a rising phoenix rising from the ashes, it is important to be able to create a more fulfilling life. Change is growth and growth has growing pains but staying the same is painful as well.

God Bless You All!


Week 23~ Miracles all around

Well we are approaching The Holiest week of the Year! When most miracles happen! I was very lucky on Thursday I had been trying to get ahold of someone for almost 2 months,. and all of a sudden I got ahold of them. I also get to turn in much needed paperwork! And then  all of a sudden I got a blast of signs pointing to Australia. 3 signs in a row. Not sure what will happen, but Im excited! 🙂

Week 22~New awarenesses

The other day I went to the lake. The lake I went to my whole life. It’s in the city my father has owned a home almost my entire life.

I went to sit on a bench to do “my sit”!

I knew where and what benches I was going to try to sit, they are both located on 2 separate docks! When got over the hill and had view of the docks I noticed both had people  sitting on them. Little disappointed I looked around and all of a sudden I noticed a bench on top of the hill that I had NEVER seen or noticed before. It was also closest to the woods and no one was around this bench. Of course this is where I was going to sit.

When I got to the bench, the most beautiful message/gift was shown to me. On the backrest of the bench it was engraved, “I HAVE FINISHED THE RACE! NOW THE CROWN!!”

It made my heart smile! I had a great sit!

Week 21~Abandon the known world

The loaves that feed the hundreds. You must achieve your dreams so that others can believe in theirs. Be The Miracle!

A new person with a new life. It is pretty amazing when you go for something and things lead you to new places and adventures.

“Show people how to practice living fully and loving their lives unconditionally. That’s How they will Honor me the Most,..!!””

We were made in his image. We must BE the change we wish to see in the world! I can be what I will to be! We have a direct access to unlimited resources!

Week 20~What would the person I intend to become do next?

Wow! That is a powerful question to ask yourself. It also reminded me of another saying I have heard before. “What you pretend to be, you become!”

I remember a while ago asking a woman that I know that is massively successful some words of advice! And she responded in a unique way that has stuck with me,. She said, “Success comes first and then the money follows!” I thought that was odd. But then it made sense.

I’d like to put this in the perspective of, people see the success but they don’t see all the trials and tribulations you had to go through to get there. People see you going after your dream day in and day out. And sometimes that is success in itself! If people see your not quitting until the job is done, that is viewed as success. We know personally what we want to accomplish so we know how far will still have to go to make it to the top of the mountain. But if you put it in the perspective that many people are living a life of quiet desperation,. that you hoping what seems to feel like you a small hurdle seems much larger to them. I guess that is the important lesson we have learned from the master key alliance,. CELEBRATE EVERY ACCOMPLISHMENT!

Week 19~ Break

Awww Trip to Miami for World Conference. Met amazing people and had little bit of time on the beach. Denver won the Super Bowl, very happy for them, as I was just in that city the week before.

Daymond John from Shark Tank spoke to us on Friday and as always was wonderful and insightful! LOVE HIM! He just released his new book “The Power of Broke”!

I currently have 3 copies. Going to try and get him to sign all three and then give away one of the copies to someone very deserving. Excited for that!



Its a crazy thing, when you go after your dreams people are very mean and hateful towards you. You have to have a shield around your mind, it is not a easy thing to do. And then all of a sudden its like Magic happens,. things start to happen for you and then it get easier / your shield gets lighter to carry. Its really like a battle. The thing that gets people through this battle,.. is the thought that if they stop trecking up that mountain,. the people you want to inspire won’t believe they can do it,. and the mean people down at the bottom of the mountain are waiting to make you feel a million times worse. So you trek on and it just makes you stronger!

Carry on Soldier! There are a lot of people (some you havent even met yet) that are looking for you to climb that/your mountain!


Week 17~My Ramble

WOW! I have been dealing with a lot on my plate the last 6 weeks, great pain, struggle, great successes its been a real roller coaster. But I can honestly, all of a sudden, through the tears I saw everything more clearer. There was a really awesome video that I found this week, it was a message from Joel Osteen (included on the bottom)! He talked about “Blooming where you are planted!” That sometimes we feel like we have been buried, can’t seem to see the light,. but we have actually been PLANTED! During this dark buried state, we are set up to grow immensely and set up to BLOOM! So many times we feel like we can’t wait to get to somewhere else, so much its hard to enjoy the bittersweetness of every moment of our life.

This was soo helpful to me. I knew I was meant to see it.

Then something else happened,. someone messaged me how frustrated they were and depressed they felt. I have two sides to me when someone is overly negative. 1. They need my help 2. Ugg they are going to drain me of my energy.      I pushed through and offered help and advice and thats when I stumbled upon another gift/nugget this week. OG Mandino’s video series of 7 parts. I started watching them. And was beyond moved again. I swear, his name OG stands for Original Gangster! LOL I Adore this guy!

Yesterday morning I was so upset and frustrated that I was crying and didn’t know what to do. I cried it out real good. And then, I picked myself up, felt empowered and saw these situations from a different light. I had a friend tell me recently, its okay to cry, but remember this,… after you cry it out if you DON’T feel better than your just feeling sorry for yourself, if after you DO cry  it out you feel better than it was a cleansing! How beautiful!  Im so grateful for every adversity, struggle, uncomfortable situation. Pain is a Blessing too!

Week 15- Shooting toward the Stars


You have a goal! You know what you want and where you are going. A lot of people get very frustrated with what seems like a setback. A setback or even a series of setbacks is not in place for you to feel defeated and to retreat. Beautiful beginnings are sometimes disguised as painful endings. Everything is perspective.

Imagine you are an arrow. About to aim and take off for the stars.

What you may not have thought of, is that to shoot an arrow you have to pull it all the way back. All the pressure, all the stress, all the tension has to be placed on that arrow. It can feel overwhelming.

But you are actually in position to be catapulted towards your goal.

So when things start to feel like a setback, keep your focus on your star. Stay focused on the goal that you have aimed for. And get ready to CATAPULT!!!