Week 17~My Ramble

WOW! I have been dealing with a lot on my plate the last 6 weeks, great pain, struggle, great successes its been a real roller coaster. But I can honestly, all of a sudden, through the tears I saw everything more clearer. There was a really awesome video that I found this week, it was a message from Joel Osteen (included on the bottom)! He talked about “Blooming where you are planted!” That sometimes we feel like we have been buried, can’t seem to see the light,. but we have actually been PLANTED! During this dark buried state, we are set up to grow immensely and set up to BLOOM! So many times we feel like we can’t wait to get to somewhere else, so much its hard to enjoy the bittersweetness of every moment of our life.

This was soo helpful to me. I knew I was meant to see it.

Then something else happened,. someone messaged me how frustrated they were and depressed they felt. I have two sides to me when someone is overly negative. 1. They need my help 2. Ugg they are going to drain me of my energy.      I pushed through and offered help and advice and thats when I stumbled upon another gift/nugget this week. OG Mandino’s video series of 7 parts. I started watching them. And was beyond moved again. I swear, his name OG stands for Original Gangster! LOL I Adore this guy!

Yesterday morning I was so upset and frustrated that I was crying and didn’t know what to do. I cried it out real good. And then, I picked myself up, felt empowered and saw these situations from a different light. I had a friend tell me recently, its okay to cry, but remember this,… after you cry it out if you DON’T feel better than your just feeling sorry for yourself, if after you DO cry  it out you feel better than it was a cleansing! How beautiful!  Im so grateful for every adversity, struggle, uncomfortable situation. Pain is a Blessing too!


4 thoughts on “Week 17~My Ramble

  1. Great thoughts, Ranae. When we see the good in everything, including the bad, we know that we are in the flow of “right thinking”.


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